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TAP: The Academy’s Tap instruction is part of the curriculum in the combination classes for the younger beginning students. For the older students and the students with more experience there are tap performing groups and tap competition teams. The tap program at the Academy ranks among the best in San Diego.


JAZZ: There are Jazz classes for all levels, from beginning and performance groups to competition teams. Jazz technique and jazz choreography are incorporated together, in the same class, for the beginning student. At higher levels Jazz Technique and Jazz Choreography are taken separately.


BALLET: The Ballet classes offered at the Academy are for the purpose of giving the student ballet technique to enhance their overall dance form. Students begin by learning basic ballet technique with a focus on balance, flexibility, strength and the development of body awareness. As the student progresses in ballet more focus will be on placement and quality of movement.


CONTEMPORARY/MODERN: Modern Dance is a specific dance style that was born out of the desire to break away from the traditional ballet style and create a more free form dance genre. Contemporary Dance is a collaborative style that includes elements of modern, jazz, ballet. Both styles require a strong foundation in ballet and jazz dance.


Hip Hop

HIP HOP is a fast-paced, high energy dance form. The class will be filled with fun and challenging choreography. Hip Hop at Academy of Dance Arts is always age appropriated in music, choreography, and costumes.



Academy of Dance Arts is very proud to be the home for the Mini Theater Troupe directed by Catherine Colby.

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